As incineration is widely used in the disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW), the relation of harmful gas HCl, SOx, NOx, CO from incineration should not be neglected. In order to study the characteristics of HCl emission and removal during MSW incineration, several kinds of typical MSW components are selected for experiments in a Φ 150mm fluidized bed test rig. The effect of temperature on Cl → HCl conversion rate is discussed; the influence of HCl concentration on emission of NO, SO2 during incineration is analyzed. Finally the effect of Ca-based sorbents on dechlorination is also discussed. Results show that The Cl → HCl conversion rate varies obviously as temperature increases. With the increase of HCl concentration, the concentration of NO decreases, The inhibition of HCl to NOx is very obvious. At the temperature of 920 °C the capture of SO2 become more than at the temperature of 880°C. The type and amount of Ca-based sorbents can affect dechlorination rate.

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