JSC Donbassenergo, a major utility in the Ukraine, is operating power plants of approx. 3500 MW, mostly operated with their local fuel anthracite. As the existing facilities are reaching their age a strategy has been developed to apply state-of-the-art technology for revamping. On this basis the decision has been taken to replace boiler No. 4 of the Starobeshevo Power Plant with a boiler based on CFB technology. The unit is designed for 670 t/h of superheated and 538 t/h of reheated steam with 545 / 543 °C and 13.2 / 2.5 MPa temperature and pressure to account for the existing steam turbine which generates 200 MW electricity. Fuels used are a local anthracite and anthracite sludge left from coal washing and which is available in large quantities. Emissions are designed in accordance with European regulations allowing 200 mg/m3 (STP) for NOX and 200 mg/m3 (STP) for SO2. A basic description of the overall plant will be given. Details on the design of the CFB boiler which is equipped with Lurgi’s patented pant-leg and other design issues will be explained. Operating results from the commissioning and first commercial operation will be presented.

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