A new system using combined coal gasification and combustion has been developed for clean and high efficient utilization of coal. The coal is first gasified by air/steam or recycle gas and the produced fuel gas is then used for industrial purpose or as a fuel for gas turbine. The char residue from the gasifier is burned in a circulating fluidized bed combustor to generate steam for power generation. A 1MW pilot plant test facility has been erected, which consists of a fluidized bed gasifier, a CFB combustor, flue gas and fuel gas clean and cool system, data acqisition and control system. The primary results show that the system can produce 12–14MJ/Nm3 middle heating value gas by using recycle gas or steam as gasification mediaand bed temperature and solid circulation rate are main parameters. On bases of this, a 25 MW gas steam and power multi-generation system has been designed. In this system, a fluidized bed gasifiers are combined with a 130t/h circulating bed boiler to realize gas and steam cogeneration. The system can produce 7800 M3/h gas with heating value 10–14 Mj/Nm3 and 25 MW Power.

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