Combustion behavior and SO2, NOx emissions of anthracite coal in a circulating fluidized bed are reported in this paper. Experimental researches were done on a 1 MWt circulating fluidized bed facility with a 0.31 m × 0.31 m cross section and 11.2 m height combustor. The anthracite coal with 6.28% volatile and 3.76% sulfur content burns steadily during the test. The bed was operated under different temperature, Ca/S ratio and excess air. A limestone containing 75% CaCO3 and 15% MgCO3 was used as the sulfur sorbent. Results show that the SO2 emission varies with operating bed temperature and more than 90% sulfur capture efficiency can be reached while Ca/S is about 3. With Rosemount Analytical NGA2000, N2O, NO and NO2 were also measured in the test. It was found the majority content of NOx was NO and the least was NO2. Those NOx emissions change highly with the excess air number.

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