The effect of heat treatment on the reactivity and crystallinity of char prepared from the vitrinite of two coals (YX, JJ) was investigated by using XRD and TGA in this paper. The results from TGA show that the reactivity of the chars from YXV and JJV decreases with the increase of heat treatment temperature. The reactivity of YXV char decreases quickly and significantly as heat treatment time increases. However, after heat treatment time of 60 min, it decreases slowly. The effect of heat treatment time on the reactivity of JJV char is small. The results from XRD show that the crystallinity of coal-char is determined by the intensity of heat treatment. When heat treatment time is more than 60 minutes, the turbostratic crystallite of YXV char prepared under 900°C changes remarkably and becomes more orderly. The aromatic layer stacking heights (Lc) of YXV Char when heat treated above 900°C increased with the increase of heat treatment time. The effect of heat treat time on Lc of JJV char is small, but under heat treatment temperature of 1200°C, the crystalline of JJV char grows distinctly. There is a good parallel relationship between the crystalline growth and deactivation of the chars. It can be concluded that the growth of the crystalline is the main reason for the deactivation of coal-char.

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