The results of the detailed investigations of behavior of lignites Kolubara and Kovin, in fluidized bed combustion are presented in the paper. Investigation was carried out due to the interest of the Serbian Electric Power Production Company to use CFBC boilers in the process of refurbishment of old pulverized coal combustion boilers. As a part of a feasibility study for CFBC use in power plants in Serbia, investigation of combustion characteristics of lignites was performed using original methodology introduced many years ago by Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy. Methodology was approved by numerous investigations of more than 20 Yugoslav coals for FBC combustion, with the aim to determine design data for bubbling FBC boilers. The main attention in present investigation was paid to the problem of using methodology developed for bubbling FBC in the conditions present in CFBC boilers. Four samples of Kolubara lignite, with heat capacity from 2.5 to 8.5 MJ/kg, and different ash contents were investigated, and also lignite Kovin in the same range of heat capacity. Investigations were performed in three phases: (1) ultimate and proximate analysis, determination of ash sintering temperature by standard method and in fluidized bed laboratory oven, (2) investigations in laboratory fluidized bed furnace and determination of coal particle fragmentation, burning rate, start-up temperature and self-sulfure-capture and (3) investigation of combustion in pilot-plant in stationary combustion conditions. In conclusion, suitability of results obtained in BFBC conditions is approved, and earlier statement that lignites are suitable for BFBC is confirmed by the statement that lignites are even more suitable for burning in CFBC boilers. Considering differences between combustion and flow conditions in bubbling and circulating FBC boilers, behavior of the lignites in CFBC is discussed in details and optimal regime parameters of the CFBC boilers are determined. The results obtained will be used by Serbian Electric Power Production Company for evaluation of bid for CFBC boiler implementation in refurbishment of old thermal power plants.

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