This paper introduces the testing results and operation performance analysis of 1MW biomass gasification electric energy generation developed by Guangzhou Institute Of Energy Conversion. The results indicate that operation temperature of gasifier and ratios of air to fuel have a strong impact on gasification efficiency, conversion efficiency of carbon, gas productivity, gas composition and its LHV. The optimal operation parameters: temperature 780°C for wood power and 800°C for leftover fuel, 10:9 Nm3/kg ratio of air to fuel, 68% gasification efficiency, 80% conversion efficiency of carbon and LHV 6.2MJ/m3, were achieved by the testing. During the experiment, we find that fly ash carried by fuel gas and tar produced during biomass gasification are the main factors which affect continuous operation of electric generation system; the loss of sensible heat and carbon of fly ash lead to the low efficiency of electric generation system. In the meantime, the pollution emission and effect of catalyst on tar cracking are investigated. The results provide guidance for enlargement design and amelioration of electric energy generation system by biomass gasification.

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