This paper is focused on the gasification and co-gasification of sawdust and polyethylene in a fluidized bed for their high weight percentages in the municipal solid waste. The product gas compositions were analyzed with Fourier transform infrared spectrometry and gas chromatogram. The influence of bed temperature and the ratio of air to fuel (ER) on the distribution of product gas were considered. The results showed that co-gasification of sawdust and PE could promote the formation of H2. With run temperature increasing, the concentration of H2 and CH4 increased while CO and C2Hm decreased. With ER increasing, the concentration of combustible gas decreased. And a comprehensive model was proposed to model the co-gasification of sawdust and PE. The volatile of the mixing fuel was considered through equilibrium sub-model. The fluidized bed was supposed to consist of three phases. The results showed that calculated values were consistent with experimental results.

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