This work investigates the solids cross flow in a super-heater tube bundle immersed in the loop seal of a cold CFB unit. The loop seal and the tube bundle are scaled to a 1/3rd of the size of a loop seal and a super-heater located in a 30 MWth CFB boiler. The simplified scaling laws proposed by Glicksman et al. [1] are applied to the flow in the seal. The loop seal was built into an existing CFB unit with riser dimensions 0.7 m × 0.12 m × 8.5 m. The riser is not scaled but the pressure distribution in the CFB loop is similar to that in the boiler. The solids flow through the tube bundle was studied by means of visual observations, pressure drop and tube-temperatures, corresponding to the overall heat transfer rate to each tube. The loop seal was operated under various conditions, including those typical for the boiler. Thus, the recirculation flux of solids through the loop seal, as well as the fluidization velocity in the seal, were varied. In addition, the fraction of the bottom area that is fluidized was varied. The overall flow behavior of the CFB loop with the scaled loop seal was found to be similar to that of the boiler. The temperature measurements showed that the heat transfer rate to the tubes in the bundle differed depending on operating conditions and on the position of the tube, both laterally and vertically. The recirculation flux could be maintained with a substantial decrease of the fluidization flow in the seal compared to the conditions corresponding to full load in the boiler. In addition, it was possible to significantly decrease the fraction of the bottom of the seal that was fluidized. However, if the area beneath the tube bundle is not fluidized, the heat transfer rate to the tubes decreased.

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