A physical description and the operating characteristics for a multiphase flow test facility are given. The facility is designed for wet-gas conditions where the gas-void-fraction (GVF) is typically greater than 0.95. However under many conditions, the liquid flowrate can be increased which results in a lower GVF. Lean natural gas, whose typical energy content is less than 1100 BTU/ft3, is used as the flowing gaseous media. The flowing liquid can range from a pure hydrocarbon liquid (such as decane) to a mixture of water and hydrocarbon liquids (condensate). Several investigations into the performance of various single-phase flowmeters and gas-liquid separators have been conducted for wet-gas flowing conditions. Present work includes the modification of the test facility to study hydrate formation and methods that can be employed to inhibit the hydrate formation. Visual images obtained with a high-pressure viewing section will be presented which show the different flow patterns that can exist within pipes that are contain multiphase fluids.

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