INA-Industrija nafte d.d., is one of the largest companies in the Republic of Croatia. Its principal activities are oil and gas exploration and exploitation, oil refining and processing, oil and gas transportation and sale of fuels and associated products. Such a type and scope of activities requires a major responsibility and a systematic approach to planning, implementing and monitoring the environmental protection. In 1998 INA management adopted so called “green” documents for the purpose of improving the environmental protection activities: “Decision on establishing an integral environment management system” and “Environmental protection policy declaration”. The system implementation activities are under way and four organizational units of INA have obtained ISO 14001 certificate for the successfully implemented environment management system. This paper provides an insight into INA’s environment impacts as well as information about the performed environmental protection management activities and achievement of sustainable development. The attention is drawn to the way company’s units carry out their activities to comply with the current environmental legislation. The information is also provided on INA’s way to participate in national eco-projects and cooperation with international institutions in order to achieve eco-efficiency. Following the requirements according ISO 14001, as well as by major investments, INA contributes to the environmental improvement on local, regional and global levels.

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