Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone (GLCC©1) separators are becoming increasingly popular as attractive alternatives to conventional separators as they are simple, less expensive, have low-weight, and require little maintenance. However, present studies focus on GLCC designs and applications at relatively lower gas velocities (below the minimum velocity for onset of liquid carry-over in the form of mist flow). With appropriate modifications GLCCs can be used for wet gas and high gas oil ratio (GOR) applications, characterized by higher gas velocities, to knock out the liquid droplets from the gas core. The objectives of this study are to design a novel GLCC capable of separating liquid from a wet gas stream; conduct experimental investigations to evaluate the GLCC performance improvement in terms of operational envelope for liquid carryover; and, measure the liquid extraction from the gas stream. Specific design guidelines for wet gas GLCC are also formulated based on the experimental studies. This investigation provides new capabilities for compact separators for wet gas and high GOR (exceeding 90%) applications.

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