The small wind energy produces electric energy using power turbines below 100 kW. This technology allows the electrical supply in places isolated, generates energy of way distributed (distributed microgeneration) and permits to produce electricity in the points of consumption. The rotomoulding process is characterized to allow hollow plastics parts, with great surface quality, good homogeneity of thicknesses and suitable mechanical properties, all this with a great freedom of design and a wide variety of materials. The Department of Economy and Competitiveness from Government of Spain, inside the Subprogram INNPACTO 2012, resolved to grant the project of title Development of new blades made for rotational moulding for small wind generators (RotEos). The main purpose of this project is focused on getting a viable and cheaper process to manufacture the blades to small wind generators without reducing the efficiency of them, and trying to increase the competitiveness of these turbines. This research work presents the initial results obtained in the design of the blades, materials characterization and in the manufacturing process of these components.

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