The Jet and Vortex Actuator (JaVA) is a zero-net-mass flux device for active flow control. In this numerical study, we present a parametric study of JaVA in quiescent water and obtain time-averaged flow and vorticity fields. We systematically investigate the effect of the governing parameters that affect on the JaVA - induced flow characteristics. Three jet Reynolds numbers are investigated in detail; ReJ = 68, 150 and 250 and for each jet-Reynolds number, four different wide-slot to plate width ratios are considered: gw = 0. 0166, 0.0338, 0.066 and 0.10. In all cases, the scaled amplitude is kept at Sa = 0.15 and 0.30 so that a total of 24 different simulations are investigated. JaVA - induced flow types are classified in five groups: wall-jet, vertical-oblique jet, chaotic jet, weak jet and vortex mode. Based on the governing parameters (Sa, ReJ and gw) all these flow types have been identified the jet-momentums are calculated from phase-averaged jet velocities obtained from numerical modeling results and compared to each other. It is found that generally the vortex mode transports the highest momentum flux followed by a chaotic jet.

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