The race among the different nations to attain supremacy has given rise to twin crisis: depletion of fossil fuel reserves and degradation of environment. Every nation wants to increase the per capita income by producing more power. In order to achieve this feat, each nation has to burn huge amounts of fossil fuels causing an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. In this regard, renewable energy can be a panacea to the above mentioned problems. Biogas, one form of biomass energy, has an immense potential as a renewable fuel. This biogas can be used successfully in diesel engines for the generation of power. However, in order to achieve an optimum efficiency, the operating parameters of the biogas run dual fuel engine have to be standardized. In such an engine, injection timing of the pilot fuel is one of the important operational parameters that greatly affects the engine performance. In view of this, in the present paper, an attempt has been made to standardize the injection timing of pilot fuel a biogas run dual fuel diesel engine on the basis of its performance and emission characteristics of. Experimental investigation demonstrates an improvement in efficiency and a reduction in emissions at the injection timing of 29° before top dead centre.

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