Every turbine for every hydroelectric power plant is unique; therefore its model has to be designed using state of the art design techniques and tested before the actual prototype which is costly, is manufactured. In this study, the details of the design and construction of a hydroturbine test facility at TOBB University of Economics and Technology are explained. The facility will be used to test hydroturbine models up 2MWs of power simulating turbine prototypes. The performance and cavitation tests of the turbines will be performed utilizing this facility according to International Electrical Commission (IEC) standards. The test facility is 19 meters long with a base area of around 600 meter squares. The hydraulic analysis of the designed set-up is performed using a system where valves, pipes, structures, water records and connections form an intelligent system, same with the experimental facility. According to the results, system performance is checked, alternative designs are evaluated and operating strategies are defined by minimizing the losses.

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