Performance parameters such as critical speed and stability are affected by various design parameters such as supply pressure, clearance between shaft and rotor (air film thickness), bearing diameter and length etc. for externally pressurized gas lubricated bearing. Literature about effects of supply pressure is generally analyzed with clearances which are lower than 100 μm. Externally pressurized gas lubricated bearings with small clearance have some practical disadvantages such as difficulties in manufacturing process and price. So, externally pressurized air bearing may become widespread with usage of higher values of clearance in the bearing. However, there is limited number of study investigating the dynamics of externally pressurized air bearing with high values of clearance. In this study the effect of supply pressure was investigated on the dynamic of an externally pressurized gas lubricated bearing with increased clearance. The flow between shaft and rotor was modeled using Reynold’s Equation which is known fluid equation of motion. And this model was solved by Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI) numerical solution method. Dynamics of the rotor was investigated for different elevated (increased) clearances.

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