This article presents the development and design of a laser cladding machine for in-situ marine diesel engine crankshaft repairs. The described technology and device is designed to perform crankpin journal renovation operations directly in the engine housing, without removing the crankshaft from the engine. This paper outlines the novel, in-situ concept of applying laser cladding to marine crankshaft repairs. Laser cladding technology is described along with the state of laser cladding implementation in modern production engineering. The principal design of the in-situ laser cladding machine is presented and accompanied by a detailed description of the in-situ laser cladding machine construction. Arguments for the selection of appropriate laser nozzles are provided based on state-of-the-art technology. Technological challenges deriving from the industrial use of the laser equipment are outlined. The proposed device and method satisfy ship-board crankshaft surface renovation needs and open up an entirely new dimension for the industrial application of laser cladding technologies. This technology provides clear economic benefits and many technological advantages.

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