Product design is a process of knowledge flowing and integrating. From the perspective, product design in distributed resource environment could be defined as the constructing process of a product knowledge model to satisfy specific needs of customers. This paper studies and builds structured models of product design knowledge, i.e. a customer need knowledge model, a DE knowledge model and a RU knowledge model. A product design knowledge model is the structured specification of a desired artifact including customer Need, Function with Environment (constraints), Physical principle with its Structure and Implement method and Technology detail (FEPSAT). A customer need knowledge model is constructed by customer Group feature, need Content and product Meaning (GCM). The DE knowledge model is constructed by Value, Profession, Culture and Experience background (VPCE). The RU knowledge model is built by knowledge service Content, service Input and service Output (CIO). The evolution of the product design knowledge models and the interaction with each other were analyzed.

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