Present work is aimed at studying into detail mixture formation and combustion in a gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine working under stoichiometric mixture conditions. The study is performed both numerically and experimentally. From the experimental side, the engine, optically accessible, is characterized by collecting, for various injection strategies, in-cylinder pressure cycles and digital images. From the numerical side, a 3D engine model is developed, that includes proper sub-models for the spray dynamics and the spray-wall interaction. This last phenomenon is studied into detail by resorting to a preliminary 3D simulation of the spray impingement realized in a proper experiment, where the engine injector is mounted at a certain distance from a cold or hot wall.

An interesting comparison between numerical and experimental images of the in-cylinder spray dynamics is presented, that also allows individuating the difference in the wallfilm deposition under various injection strategies. This opens the way to understand the difference in the combustion development arising as injection is anticipated or retarded in the engine working cycle.

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