This work presents a closed form investigation on the effect of temperature gradient on the buckling resistance of functionally graded material (FGM) shallow arches. The constituents are assumed to vary smoothly through the thickness of the arch according to the power law distribution and they are assumed to be temperature dependent. The arches subjected to the both uniform distributed radial load and central concentrated load and both boundary supports are supposed to be pinned. The temperature field is approximated by one-dimensional linear gradient through the thickness of the arch and the displacement field approximated by classical arches model. Also, Donnell type kinematics is utilized to extract the suitable strain-displacement relations for shallow arches. Adjacent equilibrium criterion is used to buckling analysis, and, critical bifurcation load is obtain in the complete presence of pre-buckling deformations. Results discloses the usefulness of using the FGM shallow arches in thermal environment because the temperature gradient enhances the buckling resistance of these structures when they are subjected to a lateral mechanical load.

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