High Efficiency Deep Grinding (HEDG) has been known to secure high removal rates in grinding processes at high wheel speed, relatively large depth of cut and moderately high work speed. High removal rates in HEDG are associated with very efficient grinding and secure very low specific energy comparable to conventional cutting processes. Though there exist HEDG-enabled machine tools, the wide spread of HEDG has been very limited due to the requirement for the machine tool and process design to ensure workpiece surface integrity. HEDG is an aggressive machining process that requires an adequate selection of grinding parameters in order to be successful within a given machine tool and workpiece configuration.

This paper presents progress made in the development of a specialised HEDG machine. Results of HEDG processes obtained from the designed machine tool are presented to illustrate achievable high specific removal rates. Specific grinding energies are shown alongside with measured contact arc temperatures. An enhanced single-pole thermocouple technique was used to measure the actual contact temperatures in deep cutting. The performance of conventional wheels is depicted together with the performance of a CBN wheel obtained from actual industrial tests.

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