Traditionally the construction sector is very conservative, risk averse and reluctant to adopt new technologies and ideas. The construction industry faces great challenges to develop more innovative and efficient solutions. In recent years, significant advances in technology and more sustainable urban environments has been creating numerous opportunities for innovation in automation. This paper proposes a new system based on extrusion-based technologies aiming at solving some limitations of current technologies to allow a more efficient building construction with organic forms and geometries, based on sustainable eco principles. This novel approach is described through a control deposition software.

Current modeling techniques focus only on capturing the geometric information and cannot satisfy the requirements from modeling the components made of multi-heterogeneous materials. There is a great deal of interest in tailoring structures so the functional requirements can vary with location.

The proposed functionally graded material deposition (FGM) system will allow a smooth variation of material properties to build up more efficient buildings regarding thermal, acoustic and structural conditions.

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