This study investigates the formability of AZ31 and AZ61 magnesium alloy for bicycle parts under hot forging process. Firstly, finite element software DEFORM is applied to simulate the deformation behaviors of magnesium alloys bicycle parts under different process parameters. The process parameters considered in the simulation are materials heating temperatures, lubricants and punch speeds. Changes in process parameters, the forging loads and the completeness of filling of material in die cavity are discussed. The optimal forging condition can be obtained from evaluation of the completeness of filling of material in die cavity, forging load and distribution of stress and strain. The experimental conditions are set according to the optimal simulation results. Hot forging experiments are carried out under the condition of heating range from 240°C to 350°C, different kind of lubricants, constant punch speeds 0.9mm/s to study the formability of magnesium alloy for bicycle parts. The experimental results are compare with the DEFORM simulation results. The obtained forging loads and completeness of filling are in good agreement with the simulation results. The validity of the simulation model established in this study can be confirmed. Finally, from the measured result of hardness and metallographic observation of forged part, the influence of forging temperatures on the strength and microstructures of magnesium alloy for bicycle parts under forging process can be evaluated.

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