In this work a method is proposed for modeling and simulation of multibody mechanical systems with multiple lubricated revolute joints with the aid of CAD and dynamic simulators softwares. The hydrodynamic forces produced between joint components due to lubrication are obtained by integrating Reynolds’ equation that is used for evaluating the fluid pressure distribution in the journal–bearing joint. The resulted force equations are combined with Hertz contact model to make a complete model for lubricated revolute joints. This model is used with the aid of SolidWorks/CosmosMotion software package to simulate multibody systems with multiple lubricated revolute joints and a computational algorism is developed in the frame of multibody dynamics methodology. A slider–crank mechanism with two lubricated revolute joints is used as an application example to demonstrate the efficiency and versatility of the proposed method. The simulation results point out that the introduction of a lubricant at the joint clearance makes the performance of the mechanism so close to that of the ideal mechanism that does not suffer from the clearance problem, as well as improves the overall system performance.

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