In this paper, the performance of compliant parallel manipulators, in a given working position, is evaluated in terms of the MA (mechanical advantage) and k(J) (kinematic condition number). Such evaluation is done by means of a new and fast method for direct kinematic analysis of parallel manipulators. The method, which is useful to enhance both the design synthesis and the control strategy, is applied on the so called pseudo-rigid body mechanism, which represents a simplification of its corresponding compliant mechanism. Computer codes have been developed in MatLab programming language. The case under study consists of a MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) compliant robot that has been built by the research group in silicon for micromanipulation. Such MEMS robot could be designed thanks to a new flexural hinge concept. Some experimental tests have been carried out on sample prototypes in order to inquire about the real feasibility of the micro-robot.

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