This investigation is focused on the dynamic response of some commercially available piezoelectric materials which will be incorporated into textile materials for vibration control with a view of sports brassiere. Ceramic-based piezoelectric fiber composites (PFC), piezoelectric fiber composite bimorph (PFCB) and polymer-based polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) of various thicknesses have been chosen for this investigation. In a typical experiment, one end of each of the piezoelectric strips is fixed to the vibration table of an electrodynamic exciter while the other end is terminated at the cross-beam of a very stiff frame. The strip is placed under tension and made to undergo base excitation using pseudo-random signal from (0–2000) Hz using the electrodynamic shaker. The force output response is obtained using force transducers. The characterization of these piezoelectric materials will determine their behavior when embedded in the textile material for sports brassiere application.

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