We propose to incorporate a Response Surface (RS) approximation of variables over a parametric domain into a weak form of parametric Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). Hence a multidimensional model-reduction can be achieved. We propose a multidimensional a priori model reduction method to generate or to enrich RSs. It is coined multidimensional because the fields to forecast are defined over an augmented domain in term of dimension. They are functions of both space variables and parameters that simultaneously evolve in time. This changes the functional space related to the weak form of the PDEs and the definition of the reduced bases. It has a significant impact on the proposed model reduction method. In particular, a new point of view on interpolation of variables has to be addressed. A Multidimensional Reduced Integration Domain (MRID) is proposed to reduce the complexity of the reduced formulation. A multidimensional Hyper-Reduction method extract from the MRID truncated equilibrium equations, truncated residuals and a truncated error indicator.

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