This paper presents the formulation of an advanced mechanical model describing a wide class of anisotropic elastoplastic constitutive equations accounting for the strong coupling with the anisotropic ductile damage. This model is developed within the framework of thermodynamics of irreversible processes with state variables and the continuum damage mechanics. The plastic anisotropy is accounted for through a non-associative theory for which a plasticity yield criterion and the plastic potential are defined separately but considering the strong coupling between both phenomena. The damage anisotropy is defined by using a second rank tensor. The effect of damage on the mechanical fields (stress, hardening, plastic strain, etc…) is described by a fourth rank damage effect operator that is defined in the context of the hypothesis of total energy equivalence. A rotating frame formulation is used to fulfil the objectivity of the constitutive equations under finite transformation. Finally, in order to illustrate the predictive capabilities of the model, the parametric studies with some simple loading case are investigated and the results discussed on the light of the anisotropic character of the ductile damage and its interaction with the anisotropy of plastic flow.

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