In this study, dynamic behaviour of trapezoidal and sinusoidal corrugated plates which are widely used in the fields of space, aviation, automotive, construction and shipbuilding have been analyzed. 330 different surface models varying according to corrugation height and number have been created for these plates which have various manufacturing parameters. At this stage, the number of analyses is 660. These models have been analyzed for different boundary conditions and modal analyses to obtain natural frequencies and mode shapes have been conducted using finite element method. In addition, changes in the trapezoidal cross-section profile have also been investigated by analyzing 38 different plates with varying cross-section profiles. Examining these results, the effects of corrugation height and number on natural frequencies and mode shapes have been determined. As a result of the study a total of 368 drawings were prepared and 736 analyses were performed. Besides, the theoretical results have been verified using the experimental modal analysis technique for some selected models which are being manufactured in the market.

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