ECAP is one of the Severe Plastic Deformation methods for reducing the grain size. With this process we can achieve ultrafine grains and consequently high strength. In this study, ECAP process was done on Al-Fe-Si alloy. This alloy was considered because of Fe effect on refining grain size. All samples were ECAPed into 1 pass in ECAP mold with 2 equal channels (1 cm × 1 cm) with 90 degree between them. By this method, around 1.05 as strain was applied on each samples. ECAPed specimens were heat treated (Semisolided) in different times and temperatures for achieving good toughness. Compression and hardness tests were done for finding the mechanical properties. As a result of these test, specimens that tolerate both ECAP and Semisolid have better toughness and strength than received and only ECAPed samples. Based on the microstructural evaluations spheroid solid phase was observed in the Semisolid specimen.

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