This study constructs a novel Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscopy (TM-AFM) model under vibration environment and analyzes the effect of probe size. The TM-AFM measurements are affected by external vibration and the size of the probe. In this study, a sinusoidal external vibration is applied, and TM-AM fixed-amplitude vibration simulated measurements made. The effect of external vibration on the surface profile acquired the simulated measurement of a nano-scale ladder standard sample. The simulated measurements under sinusoidal vibration are compared with actual experimental measurements without vibration isolation facilities, and the corrugations in the two cases were similar, indicating that the simulated measuring model under sinusoidal wave vibration proposed in this study is effective in qualitative analysis. An external vibration during the TM-AFM measurements causes an error between the measured surface profile of the sample and the actual appearance. Additionally simulated measurements are made on the edge of the nano-scale ladder standard sample, and the wave shape is affected by external vibration. The effects of the bevel angle and radius of the sharp end of the TM-AFM probe on the bevel edge effect of the probe and the measured appearance are studied. Qualitative analysis reveals that the bevel angle. Additionally, a smaller probe radius is associated with a simulated result that is closer to the perpendicular side of the ladder standard sample. The results in this study serve as a reference in the selection of probe size and in the qualitative analysis of the effect of external vibration on TM-AFM measurement.

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