This theoretical investigation intends to study the nano-tunnel problem of the single electron transistor (SET), which is one of the most important components in the nano-electronics industry. With a combined effort of quantum mechanics and similarity parameter, the partial differential equation of transient position-probability density is attained and can be applied to predict the electron’s position inside the nano tunnel. Also, an appropriate set of the initial and the boundary conditions is set up in accordance to the actual electron behavior for solving this PDE of probability density function. Thereafter, a simple, closed-form solution for the probability density is obtained and expressed in terms of the error function for a new similarity variable η. Note that this analytic similarity solution is easy to perform the calculation and suitable for any further mathematical operation, such as the optimization applications. In addition, it is shown that these predications are reasonable and in good agreement to the physical meanings, which are evaluated from both microscopic and macroscopic viewpoints. In conclusions, this is an innovative approach by using the Schro¨dinger equation directly to solve the nano-tunnel problem. Moreover, with the aids of this analytic position-probability-density solution, it is illustrated that the free single electron in the SET’s tunnel can only appear at some specified regions, which are defined by a dimensionless parameter η within a range of 0 ≤ η ≤ 2. This result can be served as a valuable design reference for setting the practical manufacture requirement.

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