The work points to study the effects of bodies flexibility concerning the Running Dynamics and Structural requirements and how such aspects could be integrated into a single design process of a mass transit vehicle in terms of Comfort, Safety, Track fatigue and Bogie-frame design. The multi-body system of the vehicle has been developed. The finite element model of the flexible bodies as car-body, wheel-set, bolster-beam and bogie-frame have been implemented. The critical but necessary step, in the integration process of the flexible body into a multi-body system, is the reduction of the finite element model of the body. For that reason an analytical verification in focused to validate the reduced FE-model with respect to the full FE-model has been thought, developed and implemented to provide a useful design tool; such an analytical verification aids the engineer to control and to optimize the reduction technique applied to the full-FE-model of the body. The validation procedure, which has been implemented, consists in developing an alter for the DMAP, Direct Matrix Abstraction Program of the FE-solver, and processing the output into a programming environment.

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