In this paper, parametric excitation for MEMS gyroscope proposed by Oropeza-Ramos, et al. [1–4] is examined and problems associated with this kind of excitation are shown. It is proved that origin has exponential stability for some sets of parameter values (including those considered in [1–4]). This stability is shown to be global for linearized system and local for the general nonlinear system. Hence, it is concluded that if there would be a periodic orbit, the system has difficulties reaching it. As a solution, a harmonic term to the parametric excitation is added and the new actuation is referred to as parametro-harmonic excitation. It is shown that there are some parameter values for which a stable periodic orbit exists. Finally, stability of periodic orbit of the linear parametro-harmonically excited MEMS gyroscope is analyzed based on Floquet Theory. Figures show that in the non-resonant driving frequencies, only stiffness and damping play important roles in the stability of periodic response and other terms like excitation voltage and imposed external rotation are of less influence on this stability. However, in the parametric resonant regions, not only stiffness and damping affect stability, but also excitation voltage is of great importance.

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