Dynamical systems with contacts are often exposed to wear even under small loads. The wear develops at the micro, macro or global level and changes the contact shape. This changed contact shape alters the dynamics of the system and can further increase the wear. This research presents a numerical investigation of the interaction between the wear at the contacts and the dynamics. The research involves a dynamical model normally used in the research of car-brake dynamics and simulates the run-in wear of the brake pad and the development of waviness on disc. Special attention is given to the real roughness of the contacting surfaces and to on exact numerical simulation; because concurrent contacts between rough asperities occur, a specifically developed multibody dynamics approach is presented. This research shows that after the run-in period a concave pad produces a waviness pattern on the disc. Using a spectral analysis of the disc’s surface it is possible to show the effect of the wear particle-size and the pad-width on the surface waviness.

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