The present work deals with the free vibration control of a simply supported and cantilevered sandwich beam with magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) embedded viscoelastic core and conductive skins subjected to time varying magnetic field. The skins of the sandwich beam are conductive such that magnetic loads are applied to the skins. Considering the core to be stiff in transverse direction, classical sandwich beam theory has been used along with extended Hamilton’s principle and Galarkin’s method to derive the governing equation of motion. The resulting equation reduces to that of a parametrically excited system. Method of multiple scales has been used to study the response and stability of the system. Critical parameters of amplitude and frequency of magnetic field have been determined to actively control the free vibration response of the system. Effects of percentage of iron particles and carbon black in attenuation of vibration of the sandwich beam have been studied. Here the experimentally obtained properties of recently developed magnetorheological elastomers based on natural rubber containing iron particles and carbon blacks have been considered in the numerical simulation.

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