The electronic package is a multi-layered structure that is consisted of several materials. Under the temperature loadings, the interfacial stresses between layered components are generated due to the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) mismatch between different materials. In die bonding process, the void or defect might exist at the die attach/die paddle interface. The void cause further delamination on the interface during the encapsulation process. In this study, the finite element method is used to construct the model of electronic package with a void on the die attach/die paddle interface. The energy release rate based on J integration, which is calculated by the stress and strain around the tip of crack, is used as a damage parameter to predict the tendency of further delamination during encapsulation. Effect of material properties (Young’s modulus and CTE) and die attach thickness on delamination of die attach/die paddle interface in package during encapsulation is studied.

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