The article points out on new trends in the bending technology, elimination possibilities of defects originating in bending and it deals with designing of forming line for hooks production by bending technology. It was suggested change of previous manner of production and material of produced bearing hooks as well. In previous manner of production the unfinished surface of semi product in form of roll sheet was galvanic zinc coated, it was thereafter sheared on needed length with shearing machine, followed punching in fixture, roll bending by sequence bending by help of fixture. Suggested forming line is dedicated for processing of zinc coated roll strip in automation production cycle. Forming line enables the automation work flow which includes the uncoiling of strip, feeding and leveling of strip, punching of holes and shearing of strip, roll bending of pressed part, repeated feeding of strip by leveler. Forming line consists of two-sided uncoiler without drive, feeding leveler, block of forming tools, rotary roll head. It is possible to set production of hook according to required dimensions, forming line is able to produce several dimensions of hooks with several numbers of holes. The bearing hooks from suggested original zinc coated roll strip have higher surface quality without defects. Production innovation with feeding of automation in comparison to previous manner of production enables savings of four or five workers, increasing number of produced parts per hour, to achieve repeated pressed part precision,, less manual work, increasing operation safety, minimized noise level, reducing of production costs and production of time.

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