Fine blanking is a near net shape process that is used for manufacturing of final product. In the fine blanking process, V-ring indentation is applied to create hydrostatic pressure and prevent premature fracture in an undesired direction. Furthermore, a small clearance between the punch and die is employed along with a counterforce punch that causes concentrated strain in the sheared band region. This process generally applies for sheet metal up to 6 mm. Application of this process for blanking of sheets thicker than 6 mm require some precautions for sound production. In the present research work, finite element analyses have been performed to investigate the effects of thickness variations on the shear band localization and shear surface quality in the fine blanking process. Simulations have been performed for two thicknesses of 6 and 8 mm. As blank materials, steel sheets of AISI 1045 have been used for numerical investigations.

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