In job shop and batch manufacturing, both process planning and production planning are responsible for the effective allocation and utilization of resources. Integration of process planning and production planning functions is necessary to achieve superior overall system performance. This paper proposes a model for the integration of process planning and production planning for cylindrical parts that can be implemented in the aggregated production planning (APP). The developed model considers simultaneously the technology-related constraints and shop floor constraint determined by the available time. In this approach, part machining time and cost are new variables for APP. In this model, the maximum depth of cut and feed for each feature are selected with regard to technology constrains, and the spindle speed is selected in aggregated production planning. The introduction of the overtime in the optimization process allows for the generation of improved planning according to several performance measures. The proposed optimization model is non-linear, unicriterion and multi-variable. A modern evolutionary algorithm, i.e., the particle swarm optimisation (PSO) algorithm, has been modified and applied to solve it effectively. A numerical example demonstrates the feasibility of applying the proposed model to APP problem.

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