The 5S system consists of 5 series of activities designed to improve workplace organization and standardization. These five activities begin with the letter S: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The key targets of 5S are to improve workplace morale, safety and efficiency and to reduce cost. In this study, industrial application of measurable 5S in a steel service center is explained. 5S performance index has been defined as a numerical basis for the measurement of 5S success. Numerical results provide objective evaluation. So, by analyzing the result of 5S performance index, improvement areas on 5S can be easily determined. This study indicates that by well-organized 5S program, 5S performance index steadily increases from the start time of 5S activities to 10 weeks after the start time. After 10 weeks, 5S performance index is maintained around desired value 100%.

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