The focus of this study is to find fatigue behavior and fatigue life of a drag link in the different road and loading conditions. Finite element method was used for fatigue analysis and fatigue life of the drag link was predicted. Firstly, the historical changes in the concept of the fatigue and fatigue life calculation methods were explained in the chapter one and two. Factor affecting the fatigue performance was explained. Stress and strain based fatigue analysis methods were described clearly. Finally, fatigue life analysis in the frequency domain which is a new method relative to the others was explained. Then, two different steering drag links of a midibus were examined and fatigue life calculations of these two drag links were made. The fatigue life analysis in the time domain of the drag links were made in the static steering conditions and the results were compared with the test results made by the vendor of the drag links. After that, the drag link which has a greater fatigue life than the other was selected, the road loads were taken from another test report which was made by using the same drag link and the fatigue life of the drag link was computed by using the finite element method in the time domain. Finally, the same road loads were converted in the frequency domain and the fatigue life analysis of the same drag link were made in the frequency domain. The results from the time domain and the frequency domain were compared and the advantages of the fatigue life analysis in the frequency domain were expressed.

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