The object of this research is to build an optical servo inspection system by integrating optical acquisition mechanisms and controlling algorithm to perform auto biomedical specimen inspections. The system applies a fuzzy control algorithm to exercise optical zooming, focusing, and sectioning functions on the inspected specimens. The paper also utilizes the MATLAB/SIMULINK platform to implement the fuzzy logic controller, and a NI multi-function data acquisition board to deliver control signals, which minutely displace the optical lenses system to execute prescribed functions. The optical system consists of an image focusing subsystem, which receives processed sharpness values of captured images, a con-focal pinhole aperture subsystem, which holds a pinhole to allow only light beams from in-focus plane specimen images to pass through, and a piezoactuator, which serves to minutely displace a plate with the pinhole to perform the optical biopsy function. As to accomplish the optical biopsy goal, the biomedical sample images on slightly differentiated focus depth planes are therefore acquired separately according to calculated image sharpness values.

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