This numerical study is performed to predict the flow patterns and characteristics in Tarbela dam which is a multipurpose dam during the summer season the flow of the dam reaches to its design capacity or near flooding due to weather changes resulting from the global warming trend. A 3D model was made in Pro-Engineer® and meshed in ICEM CFD®. Commercially known software, ANSYS CFX®, was applied to numerically solve the Navier-Stokes equations for solution domain. The calculated results such as pressure, velocities, flow rate, surface height, and water buoyant force were compared with the actual data where available. The numerical calculations show uneven discharge through each gate due to the complex flow pattern just upstream of the weir. Maximum velocity was observed along the spillways outlet. In conclusion, the results from numerical simulation are generally well agreed with the existing data, the flow information such as flow field patterns at increased flow, local flow disturbances, discharge rate and surface height distribution obtained used for the behavior of existing dam and can be used for engineering design purpose of future dams.

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