Investigating experimentally the effects of different fuel types and engine parameters on the overall generated engine noise levels. Engine parameters such as: Engine speed, Injection timing angle, engine loading, different pilot fuel to gases fuel ratio and engine compression ratio. Engine noises due to combustion, turbulent flow and motoring were reported in this study by direct sound pressure level SPL (dB) measurements and compared to the maximum cylinder pressure rise rate with respect to the engine crank angle (dP/dθ)max. Experimental procedures conducted using a Ricardo diesel version variable compression research engine. The study was conducted for three different fuels: single diesel fuel, and dual fuel engine that uses LPG or natural gas. The study for each fuel type covered the following operating parameters range, engine speed from 20–28 rev/sec, injection timing form 20 to 45° BTDC, compression ratio from 16 to 22, load range 2 to 14 N.m, and ratio of pilot to gaseous fuel from 0 to 10%. The study reported the location (crank angle) corresponding to maximum cylinder pressure and max pressure rise rate. Results from testing dual fuel engine with varying design and operating parameters are presented and discussed. The present work reported higher SPL (dB) generated from burning a dual fuel compared to burning diesel fuel only.

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