Some pregnant women do not use the seat belt, and many have the lap belt incorrectly positioned across the abdomen instead of across the hips. Seat belt positioners are available as aftermarket products that claim to hold the lap belt in the correct position and prevent it from riding upward onto the abdomen. The Hybrid III 5th percentile female dummy with MAMA2B pregnancy conversion kit is used to investigate comparatively whether the positioners increase or decrease the protection of the original seat belt. The tests clearly support the correct positioning of the lap belt over the hips rather than on the abdomen. The tests suggest the use of the aftermarket seat belt positioners offers no obvious disadvantage (higher abdominal pressure) compared to use of the lap belt in the correct position across the hips. It can be concluded that if the use of positioners encourages pregnant women firstly to use the seat belt, and secondly possibly to help position it correctly across the hips, then this might offer benefit.

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