The pattern of Portuguese Industry is typically composed by small and medium sized enterprises. In many cases, the dimension of these companies unable a general innovation culture for their products, with their own human resources. In these cases, innovation can successfully be achieved through suitable cooperation models and technological transfer between Universities and/or its Research and Development (R&D) Interface Organizations. This paper describes a successful model of cooperation between a hybrid private/public Institute, INEGI, with more than 60 Industrial Associates and National and International Industrial Companies. It is also shown the advantage of having industrial R&D Projects running inside the Faculty and the benefits obtained with the involvement of students in these projects. Examples are presented with paradigmatic projects, with high industrial impact, leading to effective competitive growth, both on Portuguese and International companies. The intervention areas of these projects cover a large variety of multidisciplinary topics, from renewable energies, processes and mechanical systems development, composite structures, rapid prototyping and advanced technologies, industrial management, to the creation of technological spin-offs.

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