A cross-corrugated portable forced-convection solar air heater has been designed, fabricated, and developed. A wavelike bottom plate has been positioned crosswise to the air flow while rectangular baffles have been attached to the flat-plate absorber. The relative corrugation height, (e/Dh) ranges between 0.24 and 0.4, and relative baffles distance (l/L) varies between 0.21 and 0.48. The air flow rate in the heater duct has been varied in the range of 0.001 kgs−1 to 0.01kgs−1 (Reynolds number ranges from 350 to 3500), while other thermal specifications such as inlet, outlet, and plate temperatures have varied due to weather changes. Results of this study have been compared with those related to smooth ducts and other literatures, and the maximum enhancement in Nusselt number is observed to be approximately five times of that of the smooth duct under similar flow conditions. Finally, thermal efficiency of the device for different case studies has been determined and compared with other researches.

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