In this paper a new approach is applied to investigate the effects of piezoelectric materials on the damping properties of laminated composite beams. The active control is obtained by using an actuator and a sensor piezoelectric layer acting in a closed loop. The formulation is based on the first order shear deformation theory (FSDT). There are purely mechanical models in the literature, but only at a finite element level. Generally the electric quantities are condensed from an electromechanical finite element model. Here, an analytical study is performed to get equivalent beam equations that are of elastic type. The model is applicable. Analytical solutions are developed for simply supported composite beams with piezoelectric layers. A constant velocity feedback control algorithm is used to actively control the dynamic response of the structure through a closed loop control. Numerical results of vibration suppression effect for various locations and thickness of the piezoelectric layers, lay-up sequence, and control parameters are presented.

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